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Business owners are missing out on sales to their competitors if they choose to continue ignoring the values of a responsive website.

In response to customer demand, ITC Service has formed a new company – ITC Digital – to provide modern, affordable websites for customers.  ITC Digital is responsible for the design and development of a range of modern website and e-commerce solutions for clients in the North East.  Each project is objective-led – be it Sales, Marketing or Technical – to exceed customer objectives.

ITC Service understands the value that websites and E-Commerce can bring to business owners.  With over £5 billion traded online each year and rising, the Internet is now the go-to place for businesses and their customers to trade.  With the different number of devices and platforms capable of accessing the Internet, now more than ever it is key for businesses to have modern, responsive websites.

In order to provide the best online solutions to our clients, our web enquiries are handled by our sister organisation: ITC Digital Service.  From attractive 5-page online websites to E-Commerce shops, to bespoke web-based software, ITC Digital are on hand to provide customers with cost-effective, modern and results-driven digital platforms for a range of customers.

Up to 40% Funding Available for Digital Projects

Services Offered by ITC Digital

Web Design & Development

Responsive designs aimed to deliver maximum results for client investment using skills gained over many years in the industry

E-commerce & App Development

Opening up the world of online trading, ITC Digital’s experience has helped our clients turnover millions of pounds

Bespoke System Development

Businesses are moving more and more of their systems to the cloud, and we can develop bespoke systems to any specification.

UI/UX Design

User Experience is key – each project is designed and developed to make sites as easy as possible for users to navigate and convert

Support & Maintenance

Building a website or mobile app is just the first step – we work with clients over many years to help make the most out of their business ideas

Other Services

ITC Digital is a full-service agency, on hand to assist clients with training and management of SEO, Pay per Click (PPC), Analytics, Reporting and Social Media.

Responsive. Reliable. Creative.

Looking for a reliable website provider?

Let ITC Digital help your business make more from the web.

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