ITC Service have supported us for over 10 years now. They maintain our IT systems in both our Newcastle and London offices. ITC have consistently provided a high level of service and we have developed a fantastic working relationship with the team. I would not hesitate in recommending ITC Service for business IT support.

North of England Coachworks Mick Warren, Director


Some businesses require IT support infrequently. They may have a small number of users, may not utilise IT extensively for their business or they may just be lucky! We understand that clients may not wish to have ongoing support as they just don’t have the need for it. ITC Service is more than happy to complete one-off pieces of work on an ad hoc basis if that meets the needs of a client.

Evidently, the range of work that may be required on an ‘ad hoc’ basis is extensive. ITC will discuss your specific requirements and provide a quote for the work required with a clear break down of the costs. ITC Service does not promote hard-sell tactics and does not upsell products that clients do not need.

It may be at a later date ‘ad hoc’ clients choose to move on to a support package should their IT needs increase. Unique in that we offer 30 day support contracts – we offer complete flexibility to clients who may choose to make this switch. 98% of our support customers remain with us long term despite no being tied in to a contract – we think this speaks volumes about the quality of service that we deliver!

Ad Hoc IT Support

Examples of Ad Hoc support offered by ITC Service:

1. Migrations

We help take the stress out of business moves – managing the whole process from conception to completion.

2. Hardware Failures

When your business hardware fails, we have a full repair workshop for the diagnoses and repair of most computers and hardware.

3. Software Support

We work with a wide variety of software providers and have advanced support relationships with these companies to help provide companies with the best service.


On-Site Support

If a problem can’t be resolved by our engineers remotely then a site visit is arranged immediately. ITC appreciate that businesses simply can’t afford ‘down time’ and a resolution must be achieved as soon as possible.

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