We had been with our previous provider for 15 years, changing was a daunting prospect. ITC however were a breath of fresh air in their approach, extremely helpful throughout the changeover and to say they are proactive is an understatement. Response times are good, technically they have provided answers to all our challenges.
We would highly recommend their services

Northumbria Optical Coatings Adam Huntley, Director


What is Cloud Computing?

Good question! Cloud computing is a method of outsourcing IT resource where, rather than building a unique IT infrastructure, a business can instead access shared infrastructure that is housed in another geographical location. The Internet is used enable sharing and delivery of data and applications.

Cloud computing offers several advantages that make cloud-based solutions a compelling choice for organisations. These include:

  1. Cost savings through a Cap-Ex rather than the traditional Op-Ex spending model. No large upfront costs.
  2. Say goodbye to potentially expensive upgrades as cloud negates the need for hardware and operating system refreshes, as they become end of life.
  3. Helping businesses become more productive as critical business data and systems can be accessed from anywhere

Cloud Software Development

We have the in-house talent to create bespoke cloud-based software in an agile, rapid manner.

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