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An update on our blog from April last year

A quick recap of what an apprenticeship is. Apprenticeships are real jobs with training allowing the individuals the chance to learn while they work. There are over 1,500 job roles in a wide range of industries. An apprenticeship can now offer degree-level education and higher. Apprenticeships can be offered to anyone past the age of 16. Programs can last between 1 year to 6 years depending on the level of the apprenticeship.


Each level of the apprenticeship completed will result in different levels of qualifications:

Level 1 is equal to a GCSE grade of D – G.

Level 2 is equal to a GCSE grade of A* – C.

Level 3 is equal to A-Level.

Level 4/5 is equal to an undergraduate, foundation degree.


From completing a level 4/5 you have the option to attend university to complete a degree and attain any job in the sector you studied in.


What’s changed?

Over the past year since our last blog about apprentices, we have taken on many more intelligent individuals. From IT technicians’ roles to Digital Marketing we have a range of apprentices. Some apprentices come in knowing very little about their role. Within days they have grasped the ins and outs of their role. Each apprentice has taken their work in their stride and has learned many new skills. Our apprentices come from both Baltic Training and Learning Skills.


Our apprentices always have guidance when they need it. Each apprentice has a mentor in the company who teaches them what they need to know. This mentor also assists in their growth as individuals. The mentors also encourage self-learning and have shown great results with each of apprentices achieving amazing things. From the likes of Jamie who has won an award for the learning for life awards to Thomas who has been put forward for late-term tests early in his apprenticeship.


At the time of writing this, we have 9 apprentices in our office who are learning as they work. In the past month, we have had 2 new apprentices join our team. Over the past year, we have learned a lot from our apprentices. We have learned how to structure work better to allow the apprentice to learn more while working. We also learned how to make them feel welcome on the first day. This help eases them into the role better. For some, this is their first job and like nothing, they have experienced before.


Our current apprentices consist of:

1 in digital marketing

1 in sales

1 in level 2 IT engineering

3 in level 3 IT engineering

3 in level 4 IT engineering

We always look to add more apprentices to our team so that we can help teach them new skills.

We are so proud of each and every one of our team. We are so happy that we decided to take on apprentices. At the beginning were apprehensive on whether that the time needed to train the apprentices would be worth the outcome. We now see that taking the time to teach others is a brilliant process where both the teacher and learner learn new things.

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