The New Mac Pro


The New Apple Mac Pro


As well as supporting Windows, ITC Service also supports the main Apple product stack. Here we preview the release of the new Apple Mac Pro. With its pure power and optimisation for creative applications, the new Apple Mac Pro is a must-have for content creators.



This year Apple has announced its new Mac Pro. The Mac Pro is taking the industry by storm both in its form factor and its intense processing power.

Sporting a new look that has been met with some criticism the Mac Pro fits 5 PC’s worth of power into one standard-sized case. Keep reading to find out just what’s so great about this new Mac.



The Apple Mac Pro’s look is something to behold indeed, with an innovative airflow system on the front and rear of the case.  This has been met with some criticism, with some calling it the “cheese grater”.

Putting aside the unusual look of the case, this design was purposeful to allow maximum airflow through the Mac.  This achieves Apple’s dream of a passive-cooled Mac using only 3 main fans to pull air in.  A fourth fan channels the hot air out the back.  This configuration makes the Mac Pro quiet to almost silent.

This new design was achieved by machining a lattice pattern into the internal and external sections of the case to maximise the airflow while still having a rigid and sturdy structure.

The case itself is opened by unlocking the external housing and removing the aluminium case from the main body of the machine. All of this is situated on wheels to allow for easy access to all sides of the case without the need for any heavy lifting and easy transportation between workspaces.


The new Mac Pro is sporting up to a 28 core CPU running at a base speed of 2.5GHz and a turbo boost at 4.4GHz.  With 56 threads, this CPU is optimised for multithreaded applications. So, for any of you who use any Autodesk CAD or Adobe applications, you will have all the power you need to support any project you desire.

Alongside the 28 core CPU, you will find not 4 but 8 PCI Express expansion slots consisting of 1 half-length slot, 3 single-side slots, and 4 double-wide slots, giving you space to house up to two MPX Modules with up to 4 GPUs.

You are also given a choice of what 4 GPUs you want out of 3 flagship Graphics cards. How can you support all this insane power? Well, Apple have kindly given you the consumer the ability to have up to 1.5TB of ram.

Now all this intense processing power needs an equal or greater power supply and so Apple has introduced a 1.4 kilowatts PSU. Storage is a usual issue with most machines but not for this one, the Mac Pro handily can support two 2TB SSDs with up to 2.6GB/s read and 2.7GB/s write speeds




The Mac Pros primary usage is more aimed at the creative industry as the device is more optimised for heavy multithreaded loads such as video editing, photo editing, CAD software and the like.

The unit is targeted at heavy users in the creative and engineering sectors.  Those using high-end software, video editing and rendering, graphic design and social media content creation will especially enjoy this computer.




The starting price of the Apple Mac Pro is $5,999 (Equivalent to £4,567). This model will have an 8 core CPU 32GBs of RAM a Radeon Pro 580X GPU and a 256GB SSD, no other prices have been released yet, but speculation suggests that the price could easily surpass $35,000 (Equivalent to £26649).

In the end, is the price worth the performance? It all depends on what applications you’re going to use it for and what performance you need to run your applications so you’re going to have to weigh up your options.

The alternative markets with Windows-based PCs will also need to be checked.  The Apple ecosystem is very impressive, however Microsoft is not that far behind in terms of reliability and stability.


What do we take away?


In brief, if you have the money to spare on the Apple Mac Pro and you work in a creative or engineering industry then it is more than definitely worth the consideration.

If you’re not familiar with Apple’s operating system there no need to worry about wrapping your head around anything.  Apple’s OS is almost self-explanatory. With a red circle to close programs, yellow to minimise and green to full screen you will find yourself picking it up faster than you would think.

Whilst impressive specs are one thing, the “bang for your buck” factor is also a consideration.  There is a fashion and trend aspect to Apple products.  However, at a minimum of $6,000 plus the high cost of supporting peripherals, a strong business case is needed.




As a leading provider of IT support, we are fully qualified to support both Mac Pros and the entire Apple ecosystem.  The choice is yours – let us handle the all the techy stuff so you can focus on your work.  We do not discriminate between Microsoft and Apple and have many clients who work productively with both.

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