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ITC Service device Loan and tracking System

Recently we gave ITC Digital a task to create a system that can track any loaned devices that we send to our clients.

The purpose of a loan device is to ensure that there is no impact on a client’s workflow or workload.

When our engineer collects a client’s device for maintenance, we will replace the collected device with a loan device that is purpose-built for the client’s workload.

The loan devices are returned when the issues on the user’s device are resolved and the device is installed. Alternatively, the loan devices are returned when a replacement has been installed.

This system has been developed so that all loan devices can be tracked and logged. Within the system, you can see which company has loaned a device and what individual has been loaned a device.

There is also a view where we can see what engineer has loaned the device, working on the device or any other relevant information about the device.

This system allows us to keep track of our devices and more efficiently send them out. Within the loan device tracker page, there are 4 small features within the system.

The view “devices Being Loaned” shows what devices are currently actively loaned out to a client and to what company alongside the date it was loaned.

The “Missing Device” view displays any devices that are currently missing, a device can be classified as missing by many different means such as a misplaced device in stock or misplaced device at a client’s location.

The “Devices In workshop” view displays what devices are currently being worked on within the workshop, whether it’s for maintenance or being custom-built for a user.

The last main view is the “Devices To Prepare” view where you can see what device requires maintenance in order to be sent out to a client or a device that has just returned from a client’s location.

There is a category system that can sort any loaned device into two main categories, device and laptop. With each device, there are statistics that are sent live to our system informing us of how the device is performing.

This system is designed for more than just the loan devices, it is a temporary system that allows us to reference the current performance of a device against expected measures.

This allows us to swiftly diagnose any immediate issue that a device may have and allows us to diagnose what parts of a device may need replacing.

Another benefit of this system is that we can ensure the integrity of the stock we hold as we can see if a device is missing it may be mismarked and is in fact loaned out to a client.

For more information on our loan devices you can contact us at Email: enq@itcservice.co.uk or phone: 0191 416 2002.

Or for more information on bespoke software visit ITC Digital’s website at www.itcdigitalservice.co.uk

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