Meet Jamie 2019


Jamie is an IT apprentice here at ITC Service. Jamie joined ITC in Sept 2018. Previously Jamie was in the army and served 3½ years in Cyprus and another 2 years in Germany with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and the Prince of Wales Royal Regiment. Back in 2017, Jamie decided that he wanted a change in his career path and return to the civilian lifestyle.

Jamie developed an interest in IT. Not one to do things half-heartedly he self-taught himself the skills of IT and IT maintenance.

He also completed some basic training courses in IT and in time searched for an apprenticeship. Jamie found himself in the capable hands of Gateshead Council’s Learning Skills, who secured Jamie an interview for an apprenticeship vacancy at our office.

Jamie wasted no time and researched into our company and learned everything he possibly could ready for the interview.

There were 10 talented and promising candidates for the position, but Jamie stood out as the right person for the role. He wasn’t ‘typical’ of our apprenticeship candidates, he hadn’t just left school or college and had significant life experience in an entirely different career.

It was clear Jamie had carefully considered his future career and was so motivated and keen to work at ITC Service that the decision to offer him the position was, in the end, an easy one.

Jamie started his role in September of 2018 and is nearing the completion of his Level 2 IT Apprenticeship.

His knowledge and experience have developed so much in the last 12 months that he is in line to move into a co-ordinator role within the workshop and field teams at ITC.

It seems his previous military background provided him a fantastic basis for being organised, planning and rallying the troops!

In June 2019 Jamie was nominated for the Learning for Life Award by Gateshead Council’s Learning Skills. His progress and commitment impressed the judges, and he won the award against a very competitive field.

Jamie is an all-round fantastic guy and is loved within the office by all. He has won the ITC Legend of the Month Award twice within 10 months, attended the Northeast Business Awards final with the team for the Apprenticeship Award as well as achieving the Learning for Life Award.

We are all so proud of Jamie and how much he has grown over this past year. We look forward to seeing how much more he can achieve, and we hope that he has a long and happy career within ITC Service.

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