The demise of Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows Server 2008 R2

You may have heard about the looming demise of Windows 7, Those exact changes are also taking place with the cessation of support for Windows Server 2008 R2.


This isn’t something that people may want to deal with but it’s simply for the best if we do deal with this sooner than later. Just as Windows 7 support will be suspended and will result in leaving your server insecure and open to hackers or malicious infections. You will also find that applications hosted on the platform could also become unsupported by your key vendors.


What is meant when we say that Windows Server 2008 R2 is “no longer supported”?


Put in simple terms Microsoft will not be updating the software and this may not sound bad but as a result in hackers will be able to create back doors into systems running this software and over time will gain full access to the information on these servers and gain full access to these systems.


Mainstream support was stopped back in 2015, the Extended Support will end on 14/1/2020. The extended support is designed to allow users to update their system to a new edition of the software to find alternatives as a courtesy by Microsoft.


The best action to take during this time until the deadline is to assess your situation and decide if you need updating to a new edition of Windows server or explore new technologies should as Infrastructure as a Service.


Now no one truly likes to change, and we prefer to stick with what we know as a species, but we need to move on and forward or we will be left behind and lose our edge and in the world of business this is essentially business suicide. Keep your business alive and migrate to a newer Windows Server such as Windows Server 2019, not only will this keep your business alive it will also arm your arsenal with weapons and features that can be used to increase productivity and decrees probable chance of cyber-attacks.


Where to go from here?


There are a few options that you can take from this point to solve the problem of Windows Server 2008 R2 no longer being supported.


Contact us and we will work around your schedule to migrate your services to a new edition of Windows Server and ensure that everything is fully functional and has no compatibility conflicts.


We work around your business to ensure that there are no drops in service, we carry out a detailed analysis of the current setup and can inform you if there are any changes in hardware or software that will need to be performed to ensure that the transition goes smoothly and that your workload will continue to perform as it should.


Upgrading to windows server 2019 might not be for you, so we will tailor and personalize the solution to your business and meet your business needs. You may still use windows server 2008 R2 and find that you would find more use out of the cloud or other services and move over to this alternative rather than continue to use a server that doesn’t help your business and simply begins to rack up cost over time.


What is it you need? Would upgrading to windows server 2019 be beneficial or is your staff count too much for your current server to handle? Many other questions could be asked, and we will use them to ensure that we get the best possible solution to suit your company’s needs.


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