What do business owners need to consider to make VR a success

vr business

Why should we even use this tech?

Depending on your sector of business you can use this technology in many ways that can benefit not only your company but can expand markets both by sector and territorially.

What do I need to run these technologies?


Depending on the form and use of these types reality that you wish to use will affect the cost and specifications of devices. Augmented Reality is by far the cheapest for of reality to use and run as all that is required is a smart phone.

For a Virtual reality setup, the cost and specs of what you need are entirely dependent on what purpose you are using VR for. Take into consideration how much this will be used and on what exactly before pricing and gathering the specifications of products that you will need. For something such as meetings from around the world you can even use a simple mobile device and virtual reality headset, the cheapest of the virtual reality headsets comes in the form of google cardboard and can be bought at a very low price.

For more complicated application you will want to invest in a computer that can run a higher-grade headset such as HTC VIVE or Oculus rift, this can set you back around £2,000 but in the long run can end up saving you money and will even widen your scope in the grand scheme of things. Mixed Reality much like the virtual reality will set you back around £2,000 for computer and headset and only comes in the form of a headset (no mobile apps).

Before making any plans, we would recommend that you test any form reality first to fully understand how it works.  Many companies offer trials or showrooms, which helps you to get a good grasp on what limitations there currently are.  Once the concept is demonstrated, the possibilities are endless as we have discovered at ITC Service.  This is the technology we were promised at a younger age.

The Virtual World

With my own personal experience (Thomas – Digital Marketer) of the virtual work I have found it be a place where everyone is welcome, and anything can be achieved. The Virtual world has anything and everything to offer to everyone, such as yoga classes, meeting rooms, calming serene environments.  This leads all the way down to a network of highly intelligent individuals that you can talk to and pick their brains to solve problems, that would ordinarily take a team of experts and a large amount of funds to organise. If you use the virtual world for business or for personal purposes there is always a something for you.

I found when developing software and applications whenever I came to a blockage in the road to progress, that simply talking to people on applications such as VRChat was the best solution.  I could explain my situation and in real-time; the people around me began working on a solution using the tools at their disposal to create prototype solutions. In one world where I commonly find people to assist in some work, I was having specific issues.  There were several pens that anyone can pickup and everyone began collaborating on a section of code to correct my situation. After around 30 minutes there would be code and diagrams scattered around the room on the walls, floor and even just floating around. Not only are the people of these Virtual worlds happy to help but they find joy out of a puzzle and can be considered a freelance group of experts in every field.

I have personally witnessed several users go from world to world asking other users if anyone can help with their complex issues.  After a few worlds the user always ends up finding someone that can easily be considered an expert. This isn’t to say that everyone that uses systems like VRChat are experts in fields as there are the general consumers whom are on this application purely for fun, socialising or even to cause trouble. Depending on what you need help with, there are applications or even worlds within systems like VRChat where experts gather to pool and share knowledge.  Using this technology, solutions to complex issues can be fixed; all you just have to do is search and find the place to locate these individuals.


In my personal optnion I believe that everyone should try any of the for mentioned forms of reality and accept this technology before sending it under the bus.

In my professional opinion, I truly believe that this technology can be a great asset to businesses and allow them to get the edge on the competition. Not only does this tech have great features for business to grow their horizons but it is also a very good PR standpoint and future proofing. As time has moved on we have gone from advertising our services in newspapers and word of mouth to websites and social media and I believe the next step is other forms of reality.

Our past has already predicted the rise of Reality altering technology; look at modern fiction and film.  We can assume that this tech is going to stay – and the more mainstream it becomes the more businesses will find cost savings or profit.

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