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Here you can find the latest news about ITC and many other things with a recurring podcast hosted by Thomas, helping everyone to get a better view of who ITC are. It may sound cheesy but we are a family.

In the upcoming podcasts, you will hear from a range of guests talking about a range of subjects, expect to hear from us all the time with new podcasts on the way 24/7. Want to be notified about upcoming podcasts? Follow us on social media for the latest information.


Episode 1

Episode one of the Official ITC Podcast With your host Thomas and guest Richy. We discuss and explain some techy news and jargon as well as getting to know Richy better and shining a light on what he does as a technician.


Episode 2

Episode two of the Official ITC Podcast with your host Thomas and guest James. In this episode, we discuss some of the certificates that James has and how they are used as well as getting to know him better and learn a little about ITC as a whole and delve into the life of an ITC technician.





You can also find our Podcasts on a variety of different platforms.





Contact Us

If you have any questions you want to be answered or if you have any feedback you can contact us via social media by using #ITCPodcast in your post and tag us in it so we can find your questions and feedback online.


Expect more podcasts all the time with different and interesting guest speakers.

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