Meet Jamie!



Jamie served 3 ½ years in Cyprus and 2 years in Germany with The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment. In 2017 Jamie decided to change his career path completely and chose to pursue a career in IT. But Jamie doesn’t do things halfheartedly. He began to self-teach, completed some basic IT training courses in his own time and began to look for an apprenticeship. He realised that a complete career change may mean sacrifices, but he accounted for this and formed a clear career plan.

On the day we interviewed Jamie he was 1 of 10 candidates. He came in and blew us away with his drive, ambition and motivation to pursue his career goals. He knew EVERYTHING about ITC Service and wanted this position so badly. My concern at the time was that starting an apprenticeship after having worked full time for so long, would be a tough adjustment. However, Jamie had planned his finances and career plan meticulously; this was 100% what he wanted. A couple of candidates that day were really impressive but there was something about Jamie’s drive and determination that brought us back to him.

Jamie started his apprenticeship at the beginning of September. We couldn’t have anticipated the impact he would have on the team. A fresh face, full of enthusiasm – super organised, driven and an all-round lovely guy. I began to receive emails from team members commenting on his attitude, efficiency and contribution to the team.

Each month ITC staff anonymously nominate each other for our ‘ITC Legend’ award. Someone that has gone the extra mile that month or who is just an overall superstar. Jamie received an unprecedented number of nominations and won the award in his first month with us! Beat that!

It’s really made me reflect on our apprenticeship programme. We are so passionate about offering local people the opportunity to not only gain skills and hopefully employment, but also to forge a career. Apprentices aren’t always 17/18 year old school leavers. I’d like to think that motivation, drive and a willingness to learn should allow anyone at any stage in their life to access an apprenticeship.

So, a huge well done to Jamie and also a thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm. Another amazing member of Team ITC!

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