Apprentices rock!


For years ITC Service debated offering apprenticeships. The main concern was the amount of time that would be needed to adequately support and guide an apprentice in an extremely fast-paced business. There were also concerns as to the level of service an apprentice may deliver – our clients expect the highest standards, we couldn’t possibly unleash an apprentice on our clients?! In 2015 we took the plunge. Baltic Training Services placed our first apprentice with us. It’s fair to say we haven’t looked back! Totally flipping our concerns on the head, we’ve found that whilst apprentices do require resources and time to support their learning they are also a fantastic asset to the team. Our apprentices are fresh, enthusiastic, eager and have grown up in a world of technology. Our apprenticeship programme has also brought out the best in our established IT engineers; mentoring, sharing experience and supporting learning. Our apprentices are now an integral part of the team and we consider them to be the future of our business. All of our apprentices have gone on to secure full-time roles with us on completion of their training; we are proud to be able to offer career opportunities for young people in the area with real prospects of career progression.

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