Benefits of Proactive Monitoring for IT Systems

IT Security

If your business systems have ever suffered any downtime, you’ll know just how useful it would have been had your IT support team been prepared for the eventuality, and aware of it happening in real time. This isn’t a pipe dream – IT teams can now actively monitor your network and systems using specialist software built into your network, meaning everything runs at optimal performance with minimal downtime should errors occur.

Early Detection of Problems
Early detection allows your IT team to isolate the hardware or software causing network problems before these problems have a chance to effect the entire network. Catching the problem early minimises the other processes and systems that have a chance to be damaged, making the fix a quicker and easier one.

Constant System Management
Having a system constantly monitored means your IT team will likely know about any problems before you’ve had to call them to let them know. Response times to technical errors is hugely reduced, helping to contain the problem to the initial machines or software.

Greater Understanding of your Business
Constantly monitoring your network involves a greater knowledge of the workings of the network – if your IT team knows how each machine interacts with and effects the other machines on your network they will plan this accordingly into their solutions.

Automating Responses
Your IT team can actively plan for errors or problems and program pre-determined, tested and proved solutions to common issues, meaning instant fixes are available for the most common problems. This has the added benefit of allowing the tech team’s focus to remain on maintenance and upkeep and not constant problem-solving.

Proactive monitoring is an essential tool for modern businesses with their increased network infrastructure, now often exacerbated by the increasing prevalence of smartphones and tablets. The saving of both money and time this approach offers should not be underestimated, and all IT teams should be looking into implementing a proactive approach to network monitoring.

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